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Afshan Abidi DipCNM

I am a fully qualified and registered nutritional therapist having graduated from The College of Naturopathic Medicine.

I am also a member Of BANT (The British Association Of Nutritional Therapist) and CNHC ( Complementary and Natural Health Care Council).



Listen to what my clients say

  • Kay xx
    Hey Afshan. Just wanted to say a big thank you for recommending me the supplements. I was suffering from sinusitis, migraines and also had problems with sleeping at night. These supplements have worked a miracle for me in just a few days. Thank you for being such a great help.
    Kay xx
  • Mariam x
    Just wanted to thank Afshan for her guidance & support. For the past 11 years I have been suffering with PCOS with very irregular periods. I got in contact with Afshan, she had given me a diet plan to follow and encouraged me to take a variety of supplements. Afshan also gave me support that I needed by staying in regular contact to see how i was getting on. Today was the day I started my periods. I've never been happier. Thank you so much
    Mariam x
  • Wasim
    Salaam. I was suffering from very bad heart burn and bloatedness I didn't know what to do so I spoke with baji afshan and she told me what to do so I followed her advice and mashallah since then I am alot better a big thank you to baji afshan many thank you for helping me.
  • Asia  xx
    Hello Afshan, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the help and guidance you gave me. For 3 months my menstrual cycle had stopped and I was very worried. Afshan spoke very nicely to me and I felt very comfortable speaking to her. She has mentioned it was due to hormones and stress. Afsha advised me to be happy and positive and to change my diet.
    After speaking to Afsha, that very same evening I started my menstrual cycle after 3 months!!! This was a miracle and it was due to Afsha giving me the courage that this issue will be sorted.
    Thank you is a very small word to use right now - Lots of love
    Asia xx
  • Zara Khan
    Dear Afshan. Thank you for your herbal remedies, It was really what I needed and helped me so much with my insomnia and anxiety. I'm sleeping so much better and feel calmer during the day which I struggled with before. Thank you once again.
    Zara Khan
  • Love Hadia x
    I was facing some health issues and spoke to Afsha regarding them. Afsha suggested me to make some changes to my diet. I strictly followed her advice and felt a clear difference in just one day. Thank you for listening to me.
    Love Hadia x
  • Sobia
    I have followed the advice of Afshan Abidi and changed my diet completely. As I have suffered from very bad IBS, it got that bad that I struggled to breathe properly and due to this I ended up in Hospital. Since then I have changed my eating habits. I am glad I listened to Afshan Abidi. I have suffered with IBS for years & the doctors only gave me pain killers for the pain. Love you & Thank you for coming into my life, Many Thanks.
  • Zaira
    I want to thank Afshan for helping me with my health issues. I was suffering from dizziness, migraines and weakness. After listening to you're advice and taking the right supplements, I am a lot better now and back to my normal routine. Thanks again.
  • Zaara
    Afsha gave me advice on how to make a hand sanitizer at home, due to the fact they were sold out in all the shops. She provided me with a recipe. I made the hand sanitizer and it felt really amazing on my hands. It was very easy and simple to make. Thank you so much

If you want to know more

Please contact me on facebook